When They Don't Come Back

In her picture, the girl colored her face yellow. Why? She was sad. Another self-portrait portrayed big feet. The boy "just felt weighted down." Another

February 15, 2013 Blog

Why Esprit de Corps?

Esprit de Corps is the motto of the West Point class of 1977. Our class fought in every one of our nation’s conflicts from the

January 27, 2013 Blog

Warriors and Quiet Waters

The inspiration for the film Veteran Nation was a group of volunteers in Bozeman, Montana, who comprise Warriors and Quiet Waters.  WQW uses the therapeutic

January 26, 2013 Blog

The Story of “Veteran Nation”

In December 2010, the Council on Foundations and the Philanthropy Roundtable co-sponsored the program “Philanthropic Strategies for Helping America’s Veterans” held in Washington, D.C. The

January 24, 2013 Blog
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