Give an Hour to a Vet

Give an Hour is non-profit organization that provides free mental health services to military members and their families. By providing services that are separate from

March 18, 2013 Blog

No Veteran Should Have a Sidewalk for a Pillow

Helping Homeless Veterans By James Jay Carafano They live in the woods. Sleep in tents. Share their food. Look out for each other. Like generations

March 11, 2013 Blog

Time for Vets to Continue the Mission--Sign Up

The service organization "The Mission Continues" is accepting applications now for its

March 09, 2013 Blog

10 Reasons to Watch Veteran Nation

#1 Ben Richards, a combat veteran profiled in The New York Times on the trials of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

March 08, 2013 Blog

How to Join the Veteran Nation

Organizing a screening of Veteran Nation is an easy and effective way to call a community to action and get your friends, neighbors and colleagues

March 08, 2013 Blog

How it is Done: Making a Difference for Vets & Their Families

The Aleethia Foundation is proud to play a role in supporting the injured service members and their families through the early phases of their healing

March 08, 2013 Blog

Filmmakers Take on Veteran Nation

After a recent screening of Veteran Nation, two of the filmmakers from Esprit de Corps productions and Coldwater Media discussed the documentary in a

March 05, 2013 Blog

Leave No Vet Behind

The CBS news show "60 Minutes" recently ran a moving segement on the suicide of Iraq and Afghanistan Marine veteran Not Alone is a separate

March 04, 2013 Blog

Let Us Help You Help Vets

You can hold a screening of Veteran Nation to start a group to help veterans or bring attention to an existing organization. And we'll help

March 02, 2013 Blog

LT Dan is the Man

During World War II, most of Hollywood put on a uniform. Disney built models to train pilots for their bombing runs. Actors enlisted. Ronald Reagan

March 02, 2013 Blog
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