Esprit de Corps is an all-volunteer, veteran-led 501(c) (3) organization that educates Americans on veteran issues. Established in 2011, we partnered with ColdWater Media, a leading producer of powerful, cutting-edge films to produce our inaugural project, Veteran Nation. The documentary informs, inspires, and instructs communities to serve those that served. The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation generously funded the project. We have a news exciting project that we believe will eclipse the success of Veteran Nation.

Released in 2013, Veteran Nation won an award at the GI Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on TheBlaze TV network. Communities around the country have screened the film in diverse settings from a Hamilton Society group at Ohio State University to the Veterans Association at Brookhaven National Laboratory. We have distributed over a thousand copies of the film for screenings in every corner of the country.

The success of our outreach activities has inspired us to undertake a new initiative. After a decade and half of combating terrorism American’s need to be reminded of why we fight, who the enemy is, and that US can and will win.

We believe there is an amazing story of American determination, drive, and dedication that has never been told, one that every American needs to hear. It is “Year One,” retelling the history of the first of the war through an intense story of the effort to rebuild the Pentagon following the horrific attack on 9/11.

An 18 years old soldier fighting in Afghanistan today would have been not much more than infant on 9/11. We have a whole generation who barely remember how this all started. For many others the events of over a decade ago are clouded by distractions and divisive and confusing partisan politics. It is history we need to relearn.

After the attack, the decision was made to rebuild and re-occupy the damaged wing of the building by the one-year anniversary of the attack. The first tenants moved back on August 15, 2002—28 days ahead of schedule. How did this happen? We will tell that story through exclusive first-person interviews, rare archival footage and an inspiring narrative. It includes incredible efforts made by every day Americans, leaders cutting through red-tape overcoming obstacles, and all in the backdrop of fighting wars and mourning the loss of those that died the day the terrorists attacked us.

This film will be a call to all Americans to stand up and believe in America again, celebrating the nation’s capacity for greatness and will to overcome adversity. It will also be a powerful reminder of the service and sacrifice of those who serve, particularly the members of the Armed Forces killed on 9/11.

We believe this film will be the “Why We Fight” of the next phase of the war against the global Islamist threat.

Working with an experienced team of historians and world-class filmmakers we will deliver a documentary that is both educational and moving, a documentary that will inspire Americans to serve and honor those that serve.

Filming began in July 2017. We hope to be on the screen by November.

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