Dave Cochran and his brother, along with several other Veterans have founded this organization and are trying to get their word out via any social media support.

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The organization is located in Dothan, Alabama and the hunts take place in the Dothan, Alabama area.

The Founders, Toby Cochran (USN Vet, DAV), David Cochran (USN Vet) and Board Members, James Cochran (USN Retired), Kenny Long (USN, Army Retired, Dothan Police Retired) and John Hodgson (Army Vet), started WarHawgs to provide an all-inclusive hunting experience for Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders. They wanted to give an outlet through hunting and the outdoors to ease the stress of recovery and everyday life for those that are or have served the communities and this great country by providing guided hunts. Within the surrounding area is a large contingency of Veterans, Active Military and First Responders that do not have the resources nor the time required to effectively scout for and hunt wild game. WarHawgs can service and provide an opportunity for many of them to enjoy game hunting.

The organization strives to provide an all-inclusive hunting experience tailored to each individual to include catering to those that have become physically challenged as a result of their heroic sacrifice. They provide guided hunts for wild hogs, turkey, dove and deer at no cost to the participant.

These hunts include transportation, accommodations, meals, dedicated guides and support staff, use of equipment, and processing and delivery or shipment of game after the harvest. While these hunts target free ranging game, guides accompany each hunting party to stands or blinds that have been strategically placed to give the individual the best opportunity to take a wild boar, turkey, or deer depending on the season. Upon harvesting of the game animal, the support staff/guides will track and retrieve the game for processing.

The organization strives to provide each participant and their guest with a rewarding and memorable experience. Hunting provides a release and relaxation from the stress of work or recovery; WarHawgs will provide that hunting experience for those who have given so much for America.