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K9s for Warriors

Going to the movies was difficult for Petty Officer First Class, Matthew Masingill, US Navy RET. He would wait 3-4 months for a movie to

October 17, 2014 Blog
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Running for the Fallen

Runners pay tribute to slain commander Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale Story By Drew Brooks Military editor A Fort Bragg battalion commander who was killed on

October 17, 2014 Blog
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Remembering the Battles of Mogadishu & COP Keating

On This Day: Remembering the Battles of Mogadishu and COP Keating by Melissa Quinn /@MelissaQuinn97/October 03, 2014 (published at http://dailysignal.com/2014/10/03/day-remembering-battles-mogadishu-cop-keating)  For some, Oct. 3

October 03, 2014 Blog
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“The Concert for Valor” 4 #Veterans

According to recent press reports, Bruce Springsteen & others will perform a “Concert for Valor” on the National Mall in Washington, DC on November 11,

October 03, 2014 Blog
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Mental Health Stigma in the Military

Mental Health Stigma in the Military by Joie Acosta, Amariah Becker, Jennifer L. Cerully, Michael P. Fisher, Laurie T. Martin, Raffaele Vardavas, Mary Ellen Slaughter,

October 02, 2014 Blog
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Winning the Homefront

Fort Bliss: Moms at War Finally, another film like The Hurt Locker and Lone Survivor that gives America’s soldiers a story worthy of their sacrifice.

October 02, 2014 Blog
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Fighting the #1 Killer of American #Veterans

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends, The most recent data for veteran suicides – 22 a day – is heartbreaking. These are men and women

September 26, 2014 Blog
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PTSD Virtual Reality software to help #Veterans

PTSD Virtual Reality software to help Veterans Iraq veteran has formed a company to develop and promote affordable treatments for Veterans affected with PTSD. (Washington,

September 25, 2014 Blog
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Why Can’t We See This in the Cinema?

Why Can’t We See This in the Cinema? by James Carafano (first published http://dailysignal.com/2014/09/19/cant-see-cinema)   Of late, Hollywood has given us all kinds of

September 23, 2014 Blog
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Remebering #Veterans

Veteran to Write Names of 2,300+ Fallen Soldiers from Afghanistan War at Chicagoland Speedway from Memory September 12-14 JOLIET, Ill., Sept. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —

September 16, 2014 Blog
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